Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New iPhone business app: Accepting credit card payments with an iPhone credit card terminal: Innerfence

iPhone business users can now accept credit card payments with a real iPhone Credit Card Terminal by Innerfence. This is a really significant step into the direction of the iPhone as a Mobile Office.If the iPhone can do point of sale transactions, you can really take your business office with you. This new business app enables the iPhone business user to accept credit card payments on site, without having to go back to the office. Whether I, as a photographer, meets a potential customer who wants to pay their retainer, or whether the business iPhone user works at antique fairs, music festivals, second hand computer shops, conventions, equipment rentals, car boot sales, farmers' markets, home party sales, party services or any other on-site services one can think of.
The iPhone user has to sign up with and pay them a monthly fee plus a per-transaction fee. Sadly, this service is only available to business iPhone users in the USA. 

Think of the possibilities of a mobile Credit Card Terminal! Whether people unfamiliar with the iPhone Credit Card Terminal will be willing to hand over their plastic is another issue, and one that will probably be difficult to overcome at first. 
These are exciting time for savvy business users of the iPhone who work on the go, away from their office!

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