Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cheap phone calls for business users of the iPhone: fring, Truphone

How to make cheap VoIP Skype phone calls with the iPhone. Download fring from the AppStore. It's free. Configure fring with your Skype account. Dial the number you want to call with Skype and press "Skype Out". Another similar VoIP solution is TruPhone. Similarly to Skype, you top up your account or buy a special savings pack ( such as the American & Canadian Saver) and make cheap iPhone calls! You need to use a wireless Internet connection to make it worth the while and not use up your data your iPhone service provider might have in your monthly package.
I have used fring successfully a few times, however, there are many times when it just disconnects when I try making that Skype Out call from the iPhone. I am not sure what the issue is here. Connecting to IM (instant messaging) services like MSN, yahoo and Google always works well.
Similarly, I have successfully made quite a few cheap phone calls from the iPhone using Truphone. They have very good customer service: I had bought the American & Canadian Saver package for 1000 minutes of calls to the US and Canada and the Truphone app could not log into my Truphone account from my iPhone for two weeks. When I contacted the Truphone customer services, they immediately helped me resolve the issue and extended my monthly package to reflect on the time I had lost and I went back to making more cheap calls to the US and Canada with my iPhone.
Cheap VoIP phone calls using the iPhone are now only one free visit to the AppStore away!

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